Church Leadership Training

The Need for 21st Century Focused Ministry Training

Church Leadership Training

The world is quickly changing.  The need for church leadership training is greater now than ever before. Pastors are experiencing burnout at alarming rates.  For many, balancing home lives, church politics, a second job and their personal faith becomes overwhelming.  Not to mention the expectations of hospital visitations, weekly sermon planning, and campaigns for church growth. It is not difficult to see how pastors can struggle with anxiety, depression, and frustration more than the average people who are looking to them for comfort and counsel. Christian leaders are quickly realizing the need to develop additional skills for effective ministry in the 21st century.  If you are interested in revamping your skills, and knowledge base, the Lord has led you to the right place. 

Online Church Leadership Training

We believe effective ministry training is fostered by:

stimulating ideasinspiring fellowship, and encountering God during personal reflection.  

This is our purpose at the National Association of Christian Ministers -its our passion!

We offer church leadership training that truly qualifies ministers as students of the Word, approved unto God for the work of the ministry (2 Tim. 2:15). Our courses are developed by prayer, attention to Godly wisdom, and leaders with concrete experience in the field. Further, our confidence is in God alone to use the Holy Spirit to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA’s) needed to be good stewards of the power of God. Towards this end, we offer theological and practical ministry growth opportunities, like our Mentoring Program and Leadership Hall.  We take an innovative approach for developing practical ministry skills that relate to the challenges faced in ministry today: utilizing peer-to-peer interactive groups, inductive “self-discovery” style exercises, and personal guidance from seasoned, proven, mature ministers.  We believe the needs today call for “ministry practitioners” who are equipped with very practical ministry skills that connect with the issues people are facing.