Become an Ordained Minister of the Gospel:

Path to Becoming a Licensed Christian Ordained Minister

Mission Statement

We Are

Our Purpose

      • To advance Christian ministry by offering professional developmentministry trainingChristian ordinationminister licenses and church charters.

Our Vision

      • To make these ministerial resources freely available to all believers called to ministry. 

Our Strategy

      • After prayerful examination; consideration of our high ethical standards; and affirmation of faith; our ministry is to:
        • 1) Mentor, License & Ordain Christian Ministers
        • 2) Develop Leadership With Ministerial Training 
        • 3) Confer Church Charters of Accountability 
        • 4) Provide a Professional Fellowship for Networking Ministers

Licensed Christian Ordained Minister, ✟ National Association of Christian Ministers ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, National Association of Christian Ministers

Christian Ordination: Becoming an Ordained, Licensed Minister

Our members say the biggest reason they choose our association is because they feel called of God to move forward in ministry. Whether as a professional or lay minister, their goal is to become a pastor, evangelist, chaplain, small group leader etc. or to start a church. Naturally, they feel they need ordination to accomplish this work. From there they search the Internet to discover their options and quickly become unsatisfied with the insincerity of what they find. For them, a piece of paper calling them a minister is not enough. They are unwilling to compromise for anything less than “Christian ordination” through the fellowship of shared faith in Jesus Christ alone.  They only want to associate with other sincere Christian ministers, who uphold the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith. They want something more than just unscrupulous, disingenuous online ordination. They also value the spiritual blessing known as the “laying on of the hands,” and enjoy having that as an option. After prayer and guidance from the Holy Spirit, they choose the National Association of Christian Ministers as their home.

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Jesus said: The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Pray earnestly to the Lord to send out laborers into his harvest (Luke 10:2).

Minister License & Ministry Licensing

Many hospitals, nursing homes, jails, and shelters require ministers to be ordained and/or licensed ministers “in good standing” before they are permitted to minister to their people.  Also, many U.S. states require licensing before ministers are permitted to perform marriages and funerals.  It is our vision to help Christians answer God’s calling on their lives.

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We make Christian ordination and ministry licensing available to qualifying applicants who:

        1. Are accepted as a member of our Fellowship.
        2. Confess our Christian statement of faith.
        3. Share our ministry values
        4. Meet our high ethical standards.
        5. Demonstrate a sincere call of God to Christian ministry.
        6. Pass the theological interviewing of an elder.   
        7. Pass the background investigation of internet, social media. arrest, and sex offender registry checks. 

Note: minister licensing is sometimes referenced as ministerial licenses, minister license, and occasionally misspelled as minister licence.

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Church Charters: Accountability in Ministry

Some ministers apply for membership with the NACM because they desire to start  independent or non-denominational churches or ministries.  However, because they are independent, they are not affiliated with a denomination.  Further, they value the voluntary relationship of a “spiritual covering”, understanding that society appreciates this type of accountability. For these reasons, ministers seek church charters or charters for their ministries.  A charter demonstrates that their religious efforts are recognized by another body of Christian believers for accountability.  We allow these ministers to maintain their independence while partnering in ministry accountability with them.

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Ministry Mentor Program: Online Ministry Training

Another reason many come to our network is to participate in our exceptional peer ministry mentor program.  This course of learning is designed to develop quality ministers and leaders for the cause of Christ with online ministry training, interaction, personal development, and internships.  Those who complete this program gain valuable ministry experience, and may request a letter of reference from our organization’s president on behalf of the NACM.  Further, the seal of the organization is conferred upon a letter of reference which may be used when applying for employment, before pastoral committees, or for positions of honor. 

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Ministry Network

Many already ordained ministers unite with the NACM ministry network because they share our values, and desire to help carry the vision. These people understand the need for ministers and desire to take part in developing people into ministers equipped with the Gospel of Christ.

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“The simplest peasant, armed with the Gospel, is mightier than the Pope”. -Martin Luther

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