This category answers questions pertaining to requirements for membership, benefits of access, and purpose of our organization. 

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This category answers questions about ordination, along with it’s definition, purpose, and requirements to be registered as a minister with the National Association of Christian Ministers.

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This category discusses our various ministerial training programs and opportunities for gaining ministerial experience. Additionally, various approaches to preparing for ministry by means of higher education are discussed. 

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This category answers questions about ministers performing weddings, State laws for officiants, and the scriptural basis of marriage before God.

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This category answers subjects regarding women in ministry, divorced pastors, and problems with unruly children.  Here you will find scriptural basis by which to answer these matters, and the NACM’s official position on these subjects.

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This category answers questions regarding the installation of Elders, their roles, and purpose within our organization.

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How many members does the NACM have?

As of Jan. 2019, approximately 28,000+ members.

Can ministers file for tax exemption?

The NACM recognizes ordination for the spreading of the gospel.  In accordance with this, the US government may grant certain benefits regarding the ability to officiate marriages, tax exemptions, etc.  These things are beyond our purpose; however, we do recognize that people can benefit from them.   For this reason we do not restrict our affiliated ministers from applying for these benefits.  Although, it should be noted that we make no claims about what the IRS or other governing bodies will or will not recognize for these permissions.  It is the independent minister’s responsibility to know the laws and act in accordance with them. 

What are Minister Credentials?

Minister credentials refer to ministerial documents that demonstrate clergy status.  Ordination credentials come in many forms from ordination certificates (diploma of ordination or certificate of ministry), letters of good standing (ordination letter), minister licenses, etc.  Ministers use such credentials to register with local governments for funerals, weddings, and jail visits. We make these documents available to qualifying member.

What is a church or ministry charter?

A church or ministry charter is simply a recognition of one spiritual body by another spiritual body.  In essence, a charter is to a ministry like ordination is to a minister.  In other words a charter is the ordination of a ministry.  It is the recognition that there is a spiritual need that the recognized ministry provides for humanity in the name of Jesus.  The charter says to the public that another group of believers validates the existence of the chartered ministry.