Local Elders

What is the NACM purpose for having Elders?

Paul once said to Titus: 

“You should set in order the things that are lacking and ordain elders in every city, as I had appointed you” (Tit 1:5 MKJV).

We are continuing this pattern by recognizing elders in every US State -and around the globe.

An Elder is a spiritual calling much like that of a minister; however, unlike a minister we believe that the calling of an elder is not necessarily lifelong.  We believe that at times and seasons God calls people to serve in roles necessary to build His Kingdom.  The National Association of Christian Ministers holds the Local Elder is one who has been called to a time and season to impart the spiritual blessing of ordination by the “laying on of hands”, and the serve as an encouragement to the Body of Christ around them.

What is an Elder’s relationship to the NACM?

As stated above, the position of Elder is the NACM’s recognition of a calling to serve.  Therefore, Elders recognized by the NACM are independent ministers, volunteering to serve people in a spiritual capacity to their local States.  They are Christian representatives of Jesus serving on His behalf and higher authority.