Requirements for Ordination


Requirements to be Recognized as an Ordained Minister by the
National Association of Christian Ministers

  • 1) The candidate must be accepted into membership with our organization (which requires clear statements of personal ministry goals, vision, mission statements, and agreement with our values in ministry).


  • 2) The candidate must make a firm confession of the evangelical Christian faith.  This is defined as confessing agreement with every point in our statement of faith.


  • 3) The candidate must pass a theological evaluation by an Elder serving within our organization.  This is a part of the application process which may be conducted by email, phone call, or in person.


  • 4) The candidate must use their testimony to demonstrate a call to ministry through the application process.  


  • 5) The candidate must confirm that they are free from sexual sin.


  • 6) The candidate must confirm that heterosexual intercourse outside of marriage is sin.  


  • 7) The candidate must agree that homosexuality is sin, and that they will never officiate a same sex marriage with the privileges of their ordination.


  • 8) The candidate must pass deep Internet and public background checks.


  • 9) The candidate must be free from illegal drug use for not less than one year at the time of application.


  • 10) The candidate must pass a sex offender registry check.


Please note: we are not “picking” on homosexuals by these statutes, for we will not recognize the ordination of heterosexuals who are practicing sex outside of wedlock -or who are living in any other apparent sin of sexuality for that matter.  

We hold such behaviors as immoral in accordance with the teachings of God’s Word.  We love all people of all races, and sexual orientations; however, we do not approve of all behavior. Adherence to these beliefs is the foundation of morality and religion.  This is our religious right under the 1st amendment of the Constitution of the United States.  We thank you for respecting our beliefs.