Controversial Christian Doctrine

Can women be ordained?

  • Doesn’t the Bible say, “Let your women keep silence in the churches?”  
  • Is there a Biblical explanation?
  • Where does the NACM stand on the ordination of women?  

There has been much debate over the question of women serving as pastors and or ordained ministers.  We agree that this is a complicated subject that requires careful consideration of scripture.  We also agree that the spirit of Paul’s teaching permits women to be appointed as ministers.

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Can a person be called to ministry after a divorce?

  • Can a pastor be divorced?  
  • Is there ministry after divorcing a spouse?

The short answer is “yes.”  Our organization recognizes God’s call of divorced people to ministry.  We believe that some of the church’s interpretation of the matter both denies the power of God to forgive sin, and lacks sound reasoning. God permits divorce, forgives sin, and calls divorced ministers by His grace.

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Does a person have to quit ministry if their children are unruly?  

  • Should they not be permitted to serve if their homes are disrupted by disobedient kids?  

The answers to these questions exists in terms of how the word “unruly” is defined, and what part the minister plays in the child’s behavior.  

How old are the children -are they adults?

Does the minister acknowledge or deny the disobedience of their children?  

The NACM considers these factors when deciding the appointment of Elders.

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