National Association of Christian Ministers reviews and testimonies. Discover what ministers are saying about our ministerial association.


God called me a few years ago and I accepted, but I always found myself asking God: “How can I go to school with all that’s on my plate?” 


I knew school was not a requirement from God, but was taught it was a requirement from men and I did not know how I was going to get around this obstacle. Then God called my husband and I away from the ministry we were serving in and I really got confused, but stepping out on faith, we left. 


A few months went by and my husband was searching online and came across NACM, and it changed our lives. My husband had a good conversation with Elder Mooney about what we wanted to do in ministry and he explained to us that only God can call you and that one word blessed us so much. If it was not for NACM we would not be ordained ministers and would not be able to preach the Gospel legally. I just wanted to say thank you for allow God to give this wonderful gift of edification. 

-Min. M. Berrian


Following my interview with NACM Minister to Elders, Dominic Tuzzo, a year and a half ago and my subsequent acceptance for ordination by the NACM, one of the ordained ministers who had been encouraging me to move into full time ministry invited me to be commissioned by the laying on of hands at his church.  Thus, on Sunday, June 24th, 2012 at the evening service, I preached the message and then, by the laying on of hands, was commissioned at First Baptist Church, Springfield, Illinois, a number of pastors being present and taking part.  What a time of blessing that was!  Even my wife had hands laid on her for service.

Since then I have preached a number of sermons by invitation; and this past Good Friday was given a second ordination by World Evangelism Fellowship with the laying on of hands by the pastors of Family Worship Center in Baton Rouge, LA.  This fellowship encompasses pastors and affiliated churches in countries literally all around the world.  And one of the keys that opened the door to all of this was my ordination by NACM.  Thank God that there are people such as those who started this organization who recognize that it is not man and his systems who call a preacher, but God alone.


I am now traveling and working as an itinerant preacher as God leads … preaching the Message of the Cross– God’s plan of redemption for sinners and victory for the saints.   What He has in store for me next, I do not know.  But the joy I have in serving Him is greater by far than ever the joy I felt during my previous lifelong career in television broadcasting.

Thank you, Father, for using NACM.


“The NACM is a vessel through which the Holy Spirit can work to empower, educate, and guide those whose hearts burn to serve Christ the Lord and His people. I see that NACM recognizes the truth that our heavenly Father is the one who calls an individual to Him with the purpose to advance His Kingdom. I see that although there is an accepted independence and uniqueness among the call of the ministers, there is also an urging of strong community and accountability.”

“The core values of the NACM are strongly and wonderfully grounded in the word of God.”-S. Schulte


“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your acceptance and recognition of me into the ranks of ministry with N.A.C.M. Yesterday morning I was beside myself  when I opened my e-mails to discover the wonderful news. I have taken some time to look at great depth at your ministry and I must say that I am very excited to be a part of it. I am blown away with the resources available and provided to N.A.C.M. ministers. I’m looking forward to developing friendships as well as partnerships in the near future, that we all together as an unselfish team can continue the work of our unselfish Lord and Savior for the advancement of His wonderful Kingdom.” 

Min. Dover


I am truly blessed!  God lead me to the National Association of Christian Ministers, and the Ministry Team formally acknowledged my calling.  I was so emotionally moved when I received when I received the good news that my hands quivered uncontrollably as I attempted to re-gain my composure.  The peace and joy I experienced at that moment was indescribable.  To be a worthy servant of Christ is the highest accolade one can achieve; putting Him first does not make you last, but loved unconditionally.


Thank you NACM.  Thank you formalizing my calling.  I can now go forward in unabated gratitude, praising His mighty name.  Thank You Jesus.  Help me to grow into spiritual maturity with this Christ-Centered Fellowship. Thank you so very much  -Min. O. Wright 


“It is an honor and a privilege to be a servant of the most high God.  I praise God for this organized ministry that opens doors for many who are called by God to do kingdom work without being hindered.  My husband and I have ministry to fulfill, with the covering of NACM we will work independently but yet collectively with NACM, as our mission is to win souls to the kingdom of heaven and God be glorified.  God Bless.” 

Min. Myers


“Just a word of thanks to the administrators of NACM.  When I stumbled onto this site about 2 years ago I did not know what to expect.  Over those two years, I have come to respect and admire what this organization does for so many people.  This ministry has managed to cross many boundaries and have made so many resources available to so many people.  More importantly, the network of ministers that I have been able to stay in contact with each other is truly a gift.  Thank you!”

Min. M. Ore


“To the N.A.C.M ministry team: Praising God; I thank you for your support and belief in me and my abilities to do what thus says the Lord. I have had a calling on my life for a long time but have no idea what I was waiting on to step out but I have and it feels good knowing that you have brothers and sisters that are there to watch over you and lend a helping hand when needed. But I had decided that I was going to go if I had to go all by myself. But to have support means the world. I have signed up for the mentoring program and I will be one of the graduates. I look forward to the relationship building and the gaining of knowledge. Once again thank you.”



It is an honor and privilege to be a member of this awesome organization and for recognizing the calling God has placed on my life as an Ordained Independent Minister of the Gospel. I look forward to the fellowship and taking advantage of the training provided! 

-Min. D Hawkes




“It is an honor to be associated with such an excellent organization. God has shined his face upon me and my heart is fulfilled with his grace and know my duty to him.” 

-Min. Marrard




“I love being a member of this great association of Ministers because it’s hassle free, and God gets the GLORY.”

-Min. Thompson

“Just a voice of thanks.  I have had the joy of overseeing a wedding in June, then the great grief of the funeral for the 23 year old husband 28 days after the happiest of days.  God is at work and the young man in now in heaven with our Lord and Savior…Jesus.  We are now in the process of encouraging and pouring into the family of the widowed wife.”  
“I have also just received a call from my banker that her daughter has wedding plans in less than 2 weeks and the person who was to oversee the celebration of marriage had disappeared.  My teller friend asked me if I would oversee.  I have a meeting with the young couple on Monday to begin a concentrated mentoring session on life after marriage that will last for all seasons of life.  I praise God that He knew that this day was coming and that I would be the minister to oversee.” 
“Thank You! NACM for helping me be approved to be God’s person in Idaho where it is necessary to be a minister.  I thank God that your mission statement is about the “One and Only Son of God, Jesus.”
 -Min. J. Staley 

“The vision of the NACM is not only encouraging; it is a breath of fresh air!  Too many “organized” Christian groups are simply carbon copies of the other and some seeking the almighty dollar.  I don’t see this at the NACM, and I praise God for that.  As I see the vision set forth by the referenced site, NACM is a welcoming Christian entity not at all interested in the politics that many Associations unfortunately are engulfed in.  The NACM is clearly more interested in developing ministers who are capable (by means of education and support) of carrying the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to all people, everywhere.” 

– Min. M. Darrow

Thank you so much for accepting me as a member of NACM.  It is so amazing to see the net working for the members to be connected and share their thoughts and the words of encouragement from any where in the world.

Min. Daniel

Dear N.A.C.M thank you for this wonderful opportunity to be one with you in spirit and in truth! Wow, what an exciting time for me & my family of believers. Thank you, thank you, thank you for receiving me as one of your own!  
He has risen, Indeed 
-Min. L. Perez