Virtual Teams for Ministry

Implications for Christian Ministers   The way in which technology is advancing creates new opportunities for ministry that churches have not even remotely tapped.  Ministers looking for places to advance the Kingdom of God should consider this rich soil just waiting to be harvested.   This is all the more true since the globe has … Read more

How to Get a Minister’s License

Picture Above: Elders Michael Mooney, and Aaron Kight Administering the Laying on Hands Blessing in Atlanta Georgia Short Answer In order to get a minister’s license, you must first complete a ordination application and submit it to the church, ministry, or organization of your choice. The church will then review your application and decide if … Read more

What Is the Difference Between Ordained and Licensed Minister?

In some congregations, licensed vs. ordained ministry is an early step on the way to full ordination, and also in the selection process for the ordained ministers themselves. The ordaining minister can only be ordained by the pastor and the elders of the congregation if they have received the necessary ordination and have completed all other requirements. ordained minister vs. … Read more

Becoming an Ordained Christian Minister Online

Picture Above: Elder Shelley Bos in Michigan Laying on Hands Ceremony For Future Ministers Interested in University Education Collage is not a requirement for ministry, but we do encourage you to ask the Lord what is His will for you.  If you have not yet started taking classes at an online university to prepare yourself … Read more

How to Start a Bible Study

How to Start a Bible Study

How to start a bible study is one question that many people have asked when they want to get a new religious group going. People tend to wonder how it is possible for someone to get a group started and whether they can do it on their own. Fortunately, there are many people who have … Read more

Starting a Church

If you’re starting a new church, the first thing you need is to decide on the purpose. This can be done by finding a common purpose for a church and finding what defines your church or community. When it comes to an opening statement of faith, there are several questions you should answer like: What … Read more

Starting a Christian Church

If you are starting a Christian church, you need to be very careful what you believe and how you act. Your actions and words will determine the kind of reaction that your churchgoers will have towards you. Some churches are very open to all religions and even people of other faiths. If you decide to … Read more

The Ordination of Women in Ministry

The ordination of female ministers has become increasingly common in many different religious traditions. There are, however, few areas of Christianity where the ordination of female ministers is not already commonplace. And the ordination of female ministers as apostles and as spiritual teachers, although not uncommon, is actually far from being uncommon. In settings ranging … Read more