Top 10 Mistakes Pastors Make in Planting Churches

The National Association of Christian Ministers conducted a survey of ministers from a wide variety of backgrounds asking this question:

What are the top 10 mistakes pastors make in church planting? 

The responses were collected and reviewed by a smaller team of diversely selected ministers to chose the 10 responses that they thought were most relevant to ministry. Below their findings are discussed as solutions to common ministry pitfalls:


1. Hercules need not apply: The church planter needs to have already developed a team network (kind of like a marriage)

    • The one called moved upon by Holy Spirit must be a humble, mature, FAITH FILLED child of God who has been prepared in Spirit and in Truth to do what he or she hears our Father say do and go where our Father says go.
    • He or she must continually call upon our Father in heaven in prayer and supplication for leading and guidance from on high.
    • We must have our life in Jesus Christ reflecting His likeness that the Glory of His presents be shown into darkness.

2. Delegation is important: Employ people’s talents to promote the goal of developing a church

    • The Lord our God will bless and grow His work as the called follow his direction in Spirit and Truth as He equips us to do the work. Holy Spirit will raise up those that are destined to be a part of His plan for this specific work.

3. Finances: Someone on the Leadership Church Planting Team needs to know and find the dollars necessary

    • If God has truly called forth this work and it is done in accordance with His leading He will provide all that is necessary to complete it. The first component is the Faith of the one called knowing His voice and Will.

4. Time for Family: This is a non-negotiable as all members must spend time with family – Mark 8:35-37

    • Our first ministry is to the Lord our God second is our ministry to our family these two come before any other work He has called and purposed us too. A minister must be able to lead their children in the way that they should go and to most this is one of great difficulty requiring much prayer.


5. Effective Organization: Whoever is in charge of some division should have the freedom to be in charge.

    • Only Holy Ghost led and prepared brothers and sisters that have been called should be a part of the work and must be submitted to doing what they hear Him say do. They must also share their understanding of what our Lord would have done with others on the ministry team ensuring confirmation of God’s Will for any and all direction.


6. Replacement Training: We all need to train our replacement, just in case (need to leave, sickness, etc.)

    • Our Father will appoint those he desires to come alongside leadership of the work and He alone will prepare them for His will and purpose. Ours is but to recognize our Lord’s appointment and preparation of leadership members.

7. Sound Hermeneutic Foundation: This necessitates the need for sound Biblical teaching over the traditions of man

    • The very foundation of any work God has truly ordained must worship him in Spirit and in Truth preaching, teaching only what He has instructed we must share. His word doesn’t return to Him void and He alone knows what is needed for his children to be nurtured and raised up in their Holy Faith in Him and all He has done for us.


8. Fun, Fun, Fun: Someone on the Team needs to be creative in bringing fun to the church not drudgery

    • Those that have been prepared and called don’t concern themselves with personal pleasure or (fun) as their heart is joined in the Will and Purpose of our Father for His work we have been appointed. Our joy is born of His joy as we witness Him do His ministry through our vessels. There can be no greater joy no greater peace than to know you have followed correctly what He alone wants done.


9. Communication: A must with the congregation – If you aim at nothing you are destined to hit it & it helps to listen

    • Our concern regarding communication within the congregation must be that they hear as we hear the leading of Holy Spirit and that all communication be purposed for Faith building. Our Father always makes known what needs to be communicated for the building of His work.


10. Missions: Generate within the congregation their need to help their community in a tangible way

    • Our mission is to follow our Shepherds voice he will prepare and equip that which He wills to be an outreach from within His work that is walking in obedience.
    • If God doesn’t build the work it won’t be built and He only builds that His Glory abound in the earth.