✟ Minister’s Association

The National Association of Christian Ministers is a Ministerial Association of Clergy

Definition: A ministerial association is a fellowship of ministers who unite around the purpose to develop themselves as ministers, both spiritually and professionally.  They seek to advance the causes of Christianity through networking and the exchange of ministry related resources and information. Other common references to this term are: minister’s association; ministerial association; pastoral association; association of clergy; association of churches; ministerial fellowship.

As an Organization

1) We are specifically a Christian organization who without apology declares Jesus Christ as the only way to the Father.  For this reason, we only partner with other sincere Christian ministries who uphold this same standard. 

According to the World Christian Encyclopedia (2001), there are approximately 33,820 denominations of Christianity in the world today.   Yet Jesus makes it very clear in John 17:23 that the testimony of His Lordship is visible to the World through our unity.  For this reason, as a ministerial fellowship we choose not to be divided over doctrines that do not pertain to salvation.  Our membership is made up of many different ministers from a variety of denominational protestant, evangelical, and non-denominational backgrounds.  (In other words Baptists, Methodists, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Presbyterian, etc.)

2) We are both an online, and also an “in-person” ministry. As a ministerial association we are a fellowship of ministers. We meet regularly in person, through phone calls, emails, and our online network for the purposes of prayer, encouragement, information exchange, and Bible study.  It is also our goal to appoint elders in every major city in the U.S. for the purpose of holding ordination services and offering local support.  Additionally, we commit ourselves to the regular study of God’s word, the current conditions of Christianity, and to the establishment of ministry to meet the needs of future generations.    

3) We are believers who sincerely want to advance the cause of Christ.  Therefore, all ordination applications are prayed over by our administration.  We also take careful steps to verify our ministers (for example through interviews, sex offender checks, deep internet searches, and by requiring specific confessions of faith). 

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