Ministers Choose NACM


Top Reasons Ministers Choose Our Fellowship for Their Ordinations

We sought to discover the top reasons ministers choose the National Association of Christian Ministers for ministerial fellowship, online training, ordination and pastoral licensing. The following reasons were noted:

The Presence of God

The single most common testimony that we receive from our new members is that they were confirmed by God’s presents when they landed on our site. The presence of God is our single most valuable resource. We have no way of explaining why He chooses to dwell among us, other than we know that we are a fellowship of people who are hungry to know Him more, to walk in His Spirit, and to bring revival to every place we go.

Our Reputation

Recently, we were contacted by Good Housekeeping Magazine (one of the largest publications in the US) because they were writing an article on the subject of staying focused during hard times.  They contacted the NACM because they wanted to include a faith perspective in the article! I am proclaiming this news because it speaks volumes to all of the efforts that so many of you have contributed toward making our organization what it is today, and what it will become in the future.  I am convinced that we make God smile.  I want to personally thank each and every one of you for answering your call to ministry, and giving us your fellowship here.  May the joy of our hearts shout, “Come and listen to what He’s done.”

You can read the article in a printed version of Good Housekeeping October 2011 edition.  The NACM is mentioned on page 114.

You may read it online at this link:

The Calling Presence of the Lord

The number one most shared testimony of our members is that the sensed the presence of the Lord while visiting our site.  It is by this that they knew that God was calling them to fellowship here.