FAQ Renew Membership

This Page Was Updated 11/03/2014 With New Info to Help Members Update Their Profiles


QWhat is the cost of membership?
Q: Is there a cost to renew membership?
Q: How do I renew my membership?
Q: How do I update my credentials?


A: Membership is free. 
ANo cost.
A: Verify that your information is up-to-date.
A: 1) Verify that your information is up-to-date.
    2) Place a request in our credentials catalog. 
        Note: there is a small fee for processing credentials.

Instructions to: a) verify that your contact info; and b) request updated credentials.

a) Updating your info:

Step 1, go to our fellowship at www.nacministers.org


Step 2, click on the tab  

“My Page”.

Note: you may be directed to the Log-in Page.  After you log in you will land at “My Page” which is your profile page.

Step 3, click on the “settings” option on the right side of the screen.
Step 4, update any info on your profile if needed.

Step 5, be sure that an area of ministry is selected.


Step 6, be sure that these two boxes are checked.

After you finish making changes, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “SAVE” button.

Congratulations, you will have updated your profile.

Requesting Updated Credentials
b) How to order updated credentials:

1) You must be sure that you have updated your profile info first (instructions above).

2) Simply visit our credentials catalog, select the items you need and check out.  

Here is a direct link to the catalog: https://nacministers.help/shop

Note, you will see an option to log-in at the catalog.  You may ignore it and check out as a guest for easier processing.