Starting a Christian Church

Starting a Christian Church

If you are starting a Christian church, you need to be very careful what you believe and how you act. Your actions and words will determine the kind of reaction that your churchgoers will have towards you. Some churches are very open to all religions and even people of other faiths. If you decide to … Read moreStarting a Christian Church

The Call for Christian Ministry

Priesthood of All Believers

The call for Christian ministry has grown tremendously in recent years, as the United States continues to see an unprecedented number of Christian denominations. The goal of this call is to help all people understand the true meaning of faith and to encourage members of the Christian community to stand up boldly for their beliefs. … Read moreThe Call for Christian Ministry

Divorced Ministers

Controversial Christian Doctrine

Divorced Ministers have a tough time because they are not as accepted and are treated in a different way than other married couples. People look down on them and don’t see the reason for divorce when divorced. But I believe that there are good reasons for people to stay in a relationship even if they … Read moreDivorced Ministers