A Great Ministerial Association

The National Association of Christian Ministers (NACM) has been known as the “Bible Bearer” for its numerous ministries and events. The NACM serves a community of leaders who share a love of Jesus Christ, and his love of mankind. Their purpose is to make sure that they have a presence in the world and influence the lives of those around them through prayer and ministry. They are committed to sharing the love of God and sharing His Word of wisdom by teaching, sharing testimonies of others, and providing ministry to those in need.

Through the NACM, members can learn about many issues, including human sexuality, Biblical exegesis, and evangelism. By being a member, you will be able to grow as a leader who shares in God’s love and works with others to bring about positive change in the world. Through ministries that include speaking, teaching, and ministering to those on the edges of the community, you will be able to find out about God’s plans and work towards reaching those who are lost and hurting. It is also a wonderful way to help those who have become a member of the NACM and those who were a part of your ministry in the past.

If you are interested in learning more about what it takes to become a member of the NACM, you can get started by looking at our Statement of Faith. You can also join the NACM for free. Once you learn more about the organization, you will realize how much you can benefit by becoming a member. If you are already an NACM member, you can take advantage of all the amazing things our organization has to offer and work to spread the love of God in the world.

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