The Ordination of Women in Ministry

The ordination of female ministers has become increasingly common in many different religious traditions. There are, however, few areas of Christianity where the ordination of female ministers is not already commonplace. And the ordination of female ministers as apostles and as spiritual teachers, although not uncommon, is actually far from being uncommon. In settings ranging from small church congregations to large local church conventions, ordained female ministers regularly teach and preach at mixed, inter-denominational congregations of all genders. And it is interesting to note that the first female church elder, Mary, received the required ordination, as a male, at an English-speaking church called St. Mary’s at York.

It should be clear by now that the ordination and teaching of spiritual teachers are not exclusive to men. Women have been ordained as ministers and teachers for centuries, and there is no reason why they shouldn’t be today. While it may be more difficult to find female clergy than it is for men, it is also possible to find female leaders in almost every major denomination. As a consequence, a woman in leadership within a faith may not require ordination as a male leader does. However, in some congregations and communities, she may be required to make a special effort to have her candidacy for leadership recognized and approved before she is considered for ordination. This is because female ministry is not necessarily seen as a priority in the lives of those who seek the ministry of the Lord.

God wants all people to have access to the knowledge of His Holy Word. Because He created the sexes, He wants both men and women to have access to God’s revelation and wisdom. The Lord wants every woman to be gifted with His gift, His ability to teach and instruct, and His ability to share this gift with her community. In order to accomplish this, both men and women must receive ordination, both men and women have to pass certain tests, both genders are expected to practice humility, both genders must remain humble, both genders are expected to keep up a loving relationship with the Lord, both genders must be willing to accept the leadership of their fellow minister, and fellow church members, both genders are expected to be a witness to the love of God, both genders are expected to give their time and resources to the ministry of the Lord, and to give their own gifts. to the Lord.

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