Validating Ordination

The ordination validity is based on the law of the land in order to obtain the degree or title of a pastor. For this, a formal ordination can be granted by the church officials in accordance with the law. This is done so that the church can recognize the person who has just received the ordination. It will not be wrong for you to ask your congregation about their church’s ordination. If you are able to know the ordination validity in your church, then you will not need to go to the court to acquire the ordination status.

If you want to know the ordination validity in your congregation, you need to find out the official status of the ordination of your fellow congregant. Ordination of another person in the church is done through the ordained priest. He is the one who is officially authorized to conduct the ceremony and perform the ceremony. If you want to know the ordination validity, you can also contact the priest personally. When you contact your priest, you need to give him all the requirements about the ordination.

In the ordination of other people in your church, it depends on the church itself to determine the validity. You can also ask the pastor of your church. But if you cannot find any priest in your church, you need to ask the other ministers in order to make sure that the ordination is valid in the church. If you are able to find out the ordination validity, then you should use it when you are asking for your own ordination.

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