Mentor Program

Do you want to study theology, or maybe looking for a ministry course?

Brief Overview of this Theological Course of Study:

This intensive ministry course of study is designed to equip ministers with the training, knowledge, and technological skills necessary to communicate the gospel in the 21st century. Participants commit one year of their lives to study theology, while maintaining relationships within a cohort that must meet by-weekly deadlines in order to succeed. Philosophical emphasis is placed upon inquiries into the creative attributes of God and their applications to the practice of modern ministry. Graduates demonstrate effective communication skills, conflict resolution within virtual environments, and dedication to their personal growth.

Mentor Program

Below is an audio sample from the curriculum of this ministry course:

Below is an audio sample from the curriculum of this ministry course:

“No man ever believes that the Bible means what it says: He is always convinced that it says what he means.”   

-George Bernard Shaw

Teaching defined Instructing or leading a group of people in an assigned discipline or course of study.


Mentoring defined:  A one-on-one learning experience blending education and experience.


Have you wanted to gain a more thorough understanding of Jesus’ miracles?  Have you been looking to discover a deeper understanding of Jesus’ parables.  Have you wanted a chance to look into your own walk with Our Lord and Savior to discover ways to make it stronger?  These are just a few of the areas of theological and personal exploration that are offered in this ministry course of study.  This program is great for not only the home-based Christian who would like to gain understanding for their own life, but also for a seasoned Pastor looking for new and exciting ways to share the Word of God.


The Mentorship Program offers a number of areas of self-examination and study.  Each Unit of study has a central theme, and a set of questions for the participant to answer.  Some of the answers are simple, and some require thought and prayer before answering.  There are also a certain number of assignments that are ‘team’ oriented.  It gives you a chance to learn from your fellow participants as well as from the material.  Each Unit is designed to be complete in itself with all necessary study materials, and there are monitors and ‘mentors’ to help if you need it.


The NACM Mentorship Program is unlike any other theological training program out there.  It is comprehensive, complete, and personal.  If you are wanting to stretch yourself and grow in your Christian walk, then you should sincerely consider this wonderful opportunity.


However, you will be required to make a commitment of time and participation.  This program is not a quick, self-paced course that you can finish in a week or two.  So before you make the decision to enter the program, you must have a desire to commit the time and effort it will take to complete it. Additionally, there is a waiting list where you must place your name to be considered.


To answer a few questions:

1)  The Mentorship Program is NOT a study of any one denomination of Christianity, or dogma.


2)  The Mentorship Program IS a multi-faceted, multi-denominational learning experience for those who would like a deeper and better understanding of the Word of God.


3)  The Mentorship Program gives the participants a chance to learn not only from the materials, but from each other.

Upon completion, participants may request a letter of reference on behalf of the NACM, as well as a certificate of mentorship. 


If you are not a member of our organization, you must first be accepted into fellowship before you may be considered for participation in this training.  You may request membership by clicking here.


We do not want you to be intimidated, but we do want you to consider this truth.  Only about 20% of participants graduate.  You may be wondering why so few complete this process. The answer is often surprising. 

We do not want you to be intimidated, but we do want you to consider this truth.  Only about 20% of participants graduate.  You may be wondering why so few complete this process. The answer is often surprising. 


  • It is not because people run out of money and can no longer afford the tuition. The program is completely free.
  • It is not because people cannot afford the books.  AlI of the necessary resources are provided for you. 
  • It is not because the work is so difficult that people cannot comprehend it.
  • It is not because the assignments are so difficult that people cannot meet their expectations.  In fact, most assignments can be “aced” with only two or three paragraphs.
  • It is not because the multiple choice tests are intimidating.  There ARE NO multiple choice tests. 

While there are situations where circumstances change in people’s lives that might cause them not to be able to continue participation, the two biggest reasons people do not finish are:


  • Because they lack commitment to their own personal growth, and /or
  • They are unable to get along with others. 

It is important to understand that the MP is not a school.  For even Harvard and Yale have higher graduation rates.  Rather, the MP is a mentoring experience with the Holy Spirit -through the hands and feet of the Body of Christ.  The truth is, some people can have all that it takes to graduate from Ivy League schools, but that would be no indicator that they could succeed at this learning experience.  To the contrary, we believe that every Christian with a High School education should have what it takes to succeed here!  

For those who participate, they will embark on a spiritual journey that has truly been life changing for those who walked this road before them.  Through fellowship, they will taste and see that the Lord is good.  On the right hand side of this text, you will discover a chart that offers a brief model explaining how the Holy Spirit works in and through us during the course of this blessed fellowship of ministers.  Please carefully examine it and then read some of the statements of previous graduates that are quoted below it.  

The waiting list of the Mentor Program is made available to our membership.  If you would like to be considered for participation, you must first be accepted into the fellowship.  You may apply for membership online by clicking here.


“There has not been an assignment or a message through this entire program that hasn’t either stretched my thoughts, strengthened my faith, or increased my knowledge of the Word of God. I pray that this is only a springboard to the rest of my study and preaching of the Word.” -Brother Brady

“I’ve learned the simplicity of faith in Christ expressed in an in-depth challenging approach to theology that has pressed me to understand who God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is and are about in my life; and how to express that to others.” -Brother Fisher 


“The mentor program has afforded me the opportunity to examine myself in the faith (how my life aligns with the teachings, practices, and characteristics of Christ). I have learned to come to terms with life’s challenges and areas where I need deliverance in order to be a more effective minister and mentor. Moreover, the mentor program has taught me how to “dig deep” in the Word of GOD, as well as understand complex scriptures from different angles (concordances). I am impressed with how our teams have grown together, prayed for one another, and supported one another throughout the learning process. Thus, I will employ the mentoring skills learned from the program, as well as develop the fruits of the Spirit within myself in order to effectively mentor others who look to me for guidance, truth, and understanding.” -Brother Canady 

“The most significant thing that I have learned in the mentor program, well I seem to be having difficulty putting it into words. The most significant would be that throughout I have had to look closely at who I am. Am I truly living as an heir to the Throne? The assignments have challenged me to look beyond what I know in many varying opportunities. As well as thru the other wonderful folks who have demonstrated God to me thru their wisdom, differences, dedication, and love. I know that I must DIG into God’s Word much more-so than I have if I am to continue to strive toward the GOAL and assist others in knowing Him.” -Sister Larson 


“For me I have learned a great deal in The Mentorship Program. I have grown in knowledge and in Faith. To have been in close contact with Team Genesis on team assignments and to get and give feed back, to me has been priceless.” -Brother Lurie 


“The Mentorship Program has taught be to think “outside the box” of my prior training,  denominations teachings, and ideas and even personally preconceived  notions and see things from different perspectives and thoughts. The MP has widen my understanding in many areas and has also taught me how to share my thoughts and ideas in ways I may not have been comfortable with prior to going through the MP. There have been a number of changes in me thanks to the experience of being in the MP.” -Brother Carota


I have contemplated the fullness of MP for several days, wrapping my thoughts on a singular topic / experience is beyond my ability. The NACM MP has been so comprehensive & multi rewarding.  Words that come to mind are perseverance, growth, development, unity, knowledge, comradery, communication, love, prayer, strength, challenge, Berean, I see “LOVE”. The Lord has a purpose and plan for each of us, I trust he will continue to fix my feet upon the path he has in store, it is more than I ever could have imagined. As a face is reflected in water, so the heart reflects the real person.  I see more than I ever have before.” -Sister Stanley


The most significant lesson that I learned in the mentorship program is to respect each others ministries and calling. We can always have differences in our knowledge of the Scriptures, experiences and educational background but what matters is that we are looking to Jesus Christ alone for salvation…” -Brother Ardiel 


“The mentor program has taught me to dive deeper into religious topics. It has shown me not to just take things for face value, but to study and meditate on the Word.  God has opened my eyes about many things on my journey.  I see where He has brought me from and can’t wait to see where He takes me.  It has been a great blessing to fellowship with others in this program and to learn from my peers.  We have all come a long way and to think this is just the beginning of our journey.  God has wonderful plans for each of us and I can’t wait to see where He takes us all.  On to adventure in Christ!” -Brother Keeland 


“I would have to say that the most significant thing that I have learned from undertaking this program, and the thing which tied it all together for me, is/was/and (Lord willing) ever shall be, the Assignments related to:  SYNTHESIS.  For no doubt, we have truly LEARNED a subject or a concept once we begin SYNTHESIZING the new knowledge we have gained with what we have already known (or previously learned.)  I particularly enjoy(ed) synthesizing verses, concepts, & theologies found in the Old Testament with those in the New Testament, as well as synthesizing the Gospels with the Epistles (such as we’ve all had to accomplish.)  What makes it even more meaningful to me however, was learning to synthesize these concepts alongside my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, undergoing the program WITH me;  for truly, I have learned so much from my fellow Christians; things (on my own) I would have never even considered.  I can honestly say that I have indeed been: MENTORED through it all.” -Brother Tuzzo


“I feel that the Physical First Principle is one of the most significant things I learned. It has brought the Old and New Testament together in a way I had never acknowledged before. In preparing a lesson for youth group or preparing a sermon, this is something I am beginning to use quite frequently. It ties up any loose ends that may be dangling from either end. It proves that the same God in the OT is the same God in the NT.” -Sister Watkins